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X-Files Audiobook Voiced by Original Cast Drops Today

Ever since a joke on the Nerdist Podcast (during an interview with Gillian Anderson) lead to the return of the 90’s phenomenon The X-Files, fans of the television show have seen an upheaval in what could be considered possible. Certainly, the idea of an audiobook read by the main cast was once outside consideration. Three “expanded narrative” recordings have previously been made, using stand-in voices for the FBI Agents (as well as others). But now that the show has returned by popular demand, X-files Audiobooks are about to gain a anticipated addition. Watch the visual trailer and listen to these two excerpts to see why we are so excited:

Now I’m sure you have some questions….

Is that a return of Flukeman? Yet it is! In this story, many uncaptured and unresolved “monsters of the week” will resurface, calling Agents Scully and Mulder back into action.

Are those the voices of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson? Yes, they are, and no re-edited voices either. Cold Cases brings Anderson and Duchovny back into their famous roles in a story that fits in neatly with the new show’s timeline.

Will any other actors be reprising their roles?  Yes they will, Mitch Pileggi will reprise his role as Director Skinner, William B. Davis will return as The Cigarette Smoking Man, while Tom Braidwood, Dean Hanglund, and Bruce Hanwood will voice their characters, “The Lone Gunmen”.

What will the narrative be like? The Audio series will be based on the comics by Joe Harris, with creative direction by X-Files creator Chris Carter. The previous material was adapted to audio format by Dirk Maggs and sounds very much like an audio play than a narrative reading of a book.

Still unsatisfied? David Duchovny had this to say about the project:

“The X-Files: Cold Cases is not retelling old stories, but it’s referencing a lot more stuff than we get to in our most recent iteration of the show. This Audible original addresses a lot of the old questions that the die-hard fans want to have addressed. It’s fun for me to be sitting and recording a scene with The Lone Gunmen or whoever, because they’re dead, but not now, not this morning!”

Can’t wait any longer? The Audio series can be purchased on Audible HERE. Watch this space for a possible review.

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