Could Wonder Woman Save the DC Movies?

Today, we got our second look at the upcoming Wonder Woman film, in the the form of a new trailer. Check it out:

Look at that. Just look at it. There’s colors. There’s a story of hope. It’s everything the DC movies haven’t been since the universe’s relaunch with Man of Steel. And it looks patently amazing – tell me you didn’t get goosebumps watching that scene of Wonder Woman walking out of the trench and across the battlefield. It seems like the first DC movie to not have Zack Snyder in the director’s chair might be the one to save the entire universe.

This is no surprise to anyone who’s been waiting for this movie – and really, the whole world has been waiting for this movie. While her Trinity cohorts Batman and Superman have had a combined nineteen films between them, it’s taken until 2016 for Diana Prince to get her due. There is a lot riding on this movie. Before Man of Steel disappointed, Dawn of Justice angered and Suicide Squad generated feelings of “meh,” there was a lot riding on it. But now an entire cinematic universe rests on Wonder Woman’s shoulders.

The character is up to the task. She always has been. And based solely on the trailers we’ve seen, director Patty Jenkins looks like she’s got a great handle on the material.

But still, I worry. The trailers for Man of Steel made it look magical. The trailers for Suicide Squad made it look fun. Both of those things turned out to be clever marketing, completely not indicative of the films to come. Wonder Woman could take itself too seriously, or spend too much time on Steve Trevor and not enough on Diana. There’s so many things that could go wrong, here.

Wonder Woman could be DC’s first good movie in their new universe. And Diana deserves that rank. All that’s left to do now is hold our breaths and hope until the movie is finally in theaters.

Mike Fatum
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