William Shatner: Celebrating 50 Years Of Trek At First Silicon Valley Comic Con

If you are a Bay Area resident, chances are you’ve heard of BigWow Comic Fest, a staple of conventions in the San Jose region.  Announcements were made during 2015’s event in April that BigWow had partnered with Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak and Comic Book Icon Stan Lee to bring a brand new con to the Bay Area in 2016.  That new show has a name, Silicon Valley Comic Con, dates of March 18th-20th 2016, and is already garnering some really interesting news.

The Woz himself has said for several years that he was interested in doing a convention of some kind, being a fanboy of sorts as well as having a strong interest in the pairing of technology and the arts.  Part of what is exciting about this SVCC is the possibility for some of the leading companies, with advances to tech-art, to bring new things to show the fans; things like 3D animation tablets, or new advances in virtual reality.

2016, along with being the first year of this new-yet-familiar event, is also the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.  Today, SVCC announced their first big name guest, and he’s no stranger to the Trek family.  William Shatner will be presiding over an official celebration of the beloved franchise, and staying on for the rest of the weekend.  “It’s only logical to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek alongside technology that was just science fiction when ‘Star Trek’ first began to broadcast,”  Shatner said. “I’m looking forward to participating in the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con.”

“Not only did Star Trek captivate a legion of science fiction lovers, it also inspired generations of engineers, scientists, directors, writers and artists,” said Wozniak. “Just like Star Trek, Silicon Valley Comic Con will bridge the gap between entertainment and technology. We have many more events and surprises planned, so fans should grab their tickets now to join all the fun.”

Tickets and VIP options are available now, check out the official Silicon Valley Comic Con website and facebook page for updates.

Mary Anne Butler
Mary Anne Butler (Mab) is a writer/photographer from San Francisco, California. She is a lifelong geek (comics, movies, games), huge music nerd, occasionally cosplays at conventions, does Renaissance Faires, and in general lives the life of a True Believer. She may be short, but she makes up for it with a loud voice. #TinyButMighty

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