Watch The Teaser for Voltron: Legendary Defender

And I’ll Form…The Hype!

How much do we really know about the upcoming Netflix reboot Voltron: Legendary Defender?

Well, not a whole lot. So far, we’ve had one awesome teaser image to go on, and that’s about it:


But now, thanks to a WonderCon panel, we know considerably more — including the roster of the Voltron Force, drawn from the classic team of Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge, and Shiro. (But wait, American viewers may say — where’s Sven? Shiro’s name is a nod to Sven’s surname in the original GoLion anime, Shirogane.)

In a special Nerdist profile, the Legend of Korra creators detail the process of bringing a new-look Voltron with modern-day sensibilities to the screen. Being passionate Voltron fans themselves, the team questioned how they could reconcile the magic of their memories of Voltron with the original anime-based series, which, to be honest, hasn’t aged as well as its fans inevitably think it has.

“Watching it now, it’s a little bit different than the sort of the show you remember it being when you were a kid,” related co-showrunner Joaquim Dos Santos in the team’s Nerdist interview. With fellow showrunner Lauren Montgomery and many others, the team went through a number of iterations for characters and Voltron and the setting to make everything feel just right.

The result is a show that spends as much time on its characters’ lives outside of the Lion robots as it does inside them, meaning that Voltron itself may not even appear every episode — a surprise to fans of most giant robot anime, but a change that the creators felt let the team be more versatile and made Voltron a much bigger deal than before.


The new-look Voltron Force.

The new-look Voltron Force.

Shortly after its debut and preview at WonderCon, Voltron: Legendary Defender released its first teaser to the rest of the world! With plenty of Voltron fans on staff (this writer included) we’re excited to see what the future holds for Voltron in the capable hands of DreamWorks and Netflix. Check the teaser out below!


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