Wally West Becomes Kid Flash in The Flash Season 3!

Ok, it’s not that big of a surprise, but it’s a pleasant one nonetheless. The CW announced this morning that Keiynan Lonsdale, who’s been playing Wally West this season on The Flash, will be suiting up in Season 3 as the brand new Kid Flash, and they’ve offered us up some pictures to boot. Check it out:

The suit, like all of the costumes on the CW DC shows, looks pretty damn spot on. It’s almost a perfect recreation of the classic comic look with a little bit of a twist, but it’s made out of plausible materials that make it seem like something you could actually rely on for protection when you’re breaking the sound barrier at a light jog.

Wally was hit by a good old fashioned blast of the speed force in Season 2, and later learned The Flash’s secret identity – not to mention his arc in the latter half of season 2 was all about trying to find a way to help the Flash fight crime – so it’s definitely all been leading up to this. I’m not entirely sure about using the Kid Flash name – Wally’s what, two years younger than Barry in the show? He’s a college student, so calling him “Kid” anything seems weird, but I know it’s the classic name, and I’m sure the show will have a good reason to explain it. ($10 on a villain giving him the name as a tease). Still, The Flash has been great these past two years, and I’m excited to see where this is going.

And of course, all of this is baseless speculation because Barry changed the god damn timeline like an idiot. God damn it, Barry.

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One thought on “Wally West Becomes Kid Flash in The Flash Season 3!

  1. Wally in Season 3 is such a bloody idiot. Episode 15, he just goes off the rails and tries to stop Savitar by himself, all while laying into Sav’s plan perfectly. What a jackass. Stealing the piece of philosopher’s stone and throwing it into the speed force, where Sav is waiting for it to escape.. seriously, WW just needs to rot in the speed force forever for being a complete fool. This breaks my heart too, since in the original comics Wally used to be my favorite speedster.. That’s sadly passed with the huge amount of dumb ass shit he does. Bloody fool just got Iris killed, & released Sav. I’ll never look at WW the same again.

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