Video Game Voice Actors on Strike

The Voice Actors have gone on strike from the video game industry! Concerns include:

  • Being physically overworked to the point that they are genuinely worried about their vocal cords.
  • In turn, not being treated with respect when they report potential vocal damage.
  • Wanting the right to know what game they’re signing a contract for. It is currently industry practice to not tell voice actors what project they are on until the contract is signed.
  • Clauses in all contracts guaranteeing additional pay each time the game sells 2 Million copies (maxing out at 8 million, meaning they can only get 4 extra payments no matter what)
  • A strong renegotiation of their contracts, which they state haven’t been updated in literally 20 years.

Negotiations to prevent this have gone on for 19 months, but a breaking point was hit recently. Prominent voice actor Tara Strong said she personally agreed to the strike when a negotiator told her “No one cares about the voices”. An odd thing to say to a woman whose casting has, in itself, been news during marketing hype.

For now, SAG-AFTRA is only striking on a few companies, but they are goliaths that include Activison and WB Games.

We’ll keep our eye on what happens next. In the meantime, more information can be found at the official SAG-AFTRA site.

Ben Worley

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