USA vs Japan Giant Robot Battle!


UPDATE: Japan has accepted! See the video in our other article!


When I was a kid, I gorged myself on Giant Robot Entertainment. Power Rangers, Godzilla, Gundam – if there was a giant robot punching another giant robot in the face, I was there. And it’s not hard to see why. The idea of giant mechas powered by human ingenuity beating the shit out of each other for the fate of the world is just plain cool. And while we’re finally getting some of that entertainment back in the mainstream, with movies like Pacific Rim and the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, the dream of having two giant robots do battle for our amusement has never had a chance of being real. Until now.Working from (we assume) a secret bunker in the middle of a technocratic conclave, the fine folks at Mega Bots have developed the MegaBot Mk. 2, pictured above. It’s twelve thousand pounds, powered by gasoline, and capable of firing three pound paint canonballs at speeds over 100 miles an hour. It’s a combat-based monster that’s unseen on this continent. But not on every continent. You see, a few years ago the folks at Suidobashi Heavy Industry developed the first ever commercially available, street legal giant fighting mech. Dubbed the Kuratas, it’s a sleek machine with gattling guns and a rocket launcher, and you can buy on right now for one million dollars.

Clearly, the world isn’t big enough for both of these bots. A battle must occur, and MegaBots agrees.


While there’s no word on whether Suidobashi will respond to the challenge, we all cross our fingers and pray that they will. If there’s a giant robot battle in a year, you can bet your ass we’ll be there to cover it. But then the question becomes – who will win? The Mk. 2 looks heavier and a lot slower than the Kuratas – we never see it moving at all in the above trailer. Meanwhile, the Kuratas is a street legal machine designed to go pretty fast, comparatively. So the Kuratas has the edge in maneuverability. But the Mk. 2 clearly has the edge in weapons. In their introduction video (below) Kuratas is shown firing ping pong balls and a water bottle, not the advanced paintball-based weaponry the Mk.2 is capable of. It all comes down to the rules of the contest – will this be like Battlebots, and based on damage and incapacitating the other bot? Or will it come down to who can “tag” the other the most? Either way, we’re excited to see it.


What do you think? Who will win? Who do you want to win?

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