Her Universe Fashion Show 2016

How is this the first year I’ve heard of the Her Universe Fashion Show?  Her Universe, for those of you not already sporting the amazing styles, is a geek chic fashion line designed exclusively for fangirls.  Ashley Eckstein, founder and the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: Clone Wars, created Her Universe to fill a much needed gap.  Before Her Universe, most fan fashion was designed for guys with the male esthetic in mind. Women had to be satisfied with loose baggy t-shirts or get crafty to design their own fashions.  Her Universe changed all that with their fun and flirty designs that are feminine and unabashedly geeky.

Three years ago, Her Universe started their Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con.  The purpose of the fashion show is to give designers a chance to showcase their geek couture.  Each year has a theme, and this year’s theme was Women of Power.  They were also taping a Project Runway like show of the contestants showcasing their journey from audition to runway.  It is airing on Comic-Con HQ exclusively, anyou can check it out and vote for the winners right here. Voting for your favorite design ends on August 11th at midnight PT.

Okay enough background, let’s talk geek couture!

Couture means “by hand” and by implication, one of a kind.  These dresses were definitely one of a kind and such an amazing showcase of skills and talent.  Over half of the designers modeled their own dresses, and there were transforming dresses, unique materials and so many lights!  Check out my video of the runway looks here:

I want the Wall-E dress so much!  It was made entirely out of paper products and you could tell the model was loving it!  The John Snow portion of the Game of Thrones gown was made out of tires, and probably weighed a ton, but it worked so well to give the look and feel of his overcoat, but stick to the designer’s mission of upcycling and using unique materials.  And let’s not forget one of the most impressive gowns of the night.

Ashley Eckstein’s gown was made out of LEGOS!  Granted they sewed the legos onto the dress, but still, my god it was amazing! The designers not only pushed the limits of materials, but also pushing the boundaries of concept. The “I solemly swear I’m up to couture” gown starts off as a plain white gown and then the marauders map appears on it.  It reminded me of those shirts we had back in the 80’s and 90’s that changed colors in the sunlight.  The designer dug deep into chemistry and dyed the dress to have the map show up in the heat of the lights.

My favorite dress was “the always dress” inspired by Harry Potter.  It was made beautifully and it looked like something you could wear outside of a convention and without getting too many odd looks.  I also loved the Imperator Furiosa gown.  The dye job on around the hem and the whole ensemble allowed the gown to be easily recognizable and yet elevate the look to a high fashion chic, and the designer / model rocked it!

The winners of the fashion show will design a line of fangirl fashion to be sold at Hot Topic.  In addition to that, past winners have had countless opportunities opened to them.  Kelly Cercone, one of last year’s winners, is now designing cosplay patterns for McCalls.  Many of the designers come from fashion school backgrounds, but some of them are just like you an me, crafty fangirls with a great idea about an inspired outfit.

Thank you Ashley for Her Universe.  Your company not only makes us look good, but reminds us that being a fangirl is awesome!  I’m looking forward to the future of this company and who knows maybe seeing my own design or yours walk the runway!


Mae Linh Fatum

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