Ubisoft E3 Conference Round Up!

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Ubisoft’s Press Conference began with a laugh, and ended with a surprise. What was revealed? New South Park, new IPs, new Dances, and a new take on a franchise you’ll never expect.

Props to Ubisoft for getting Aisha Tyler to host instead of an awkward finance guy like everyone else.

First up was a trailer for the sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth. The new game follows the kids playing at being Superheroes, doing battle against an evil Butters, and a whole host of other familiar characters. Trey Parker and Matt Stone said they swore they’d never make another video game again, but they’re “whiny bitches” and got over it. The new game is called, of course, South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Aisha brings up the “constructive feedback” Ubisoft has been getting, and says that Ubisoft has been listening and wants to make games better. So no Watchdogs ever again?

Next up was Jason Vandenberghe, who’s introducing a brand new IP. It’s called For Honor, and it’s a four on four medieval battle game where you can play as vikings, knights or samurai. The main game is a dynasty warriors-like battle, where there are hundreds of lesser soldiers falling to the might of your heroes. However, once the heroes clash, it becomes a slow, methodical chess match of a sword fight, switching between stances and looking for openings and weaknesses in your opponent. It looks like the sort of game that will have a meta within a few months of playing, but hopefully the developers can balance it to make all styles and classes fun. If you head to forhonorgame.com right now you can enter to be in the beta.

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Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Mix had an insane trailer with a cat, with a golden gun riding a unicorn, who breathes fire, while a rainbow exploded behind them. No further information, but who cares, best trailer ever. Comes out July 17th.

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Next up was a gameplay demo of The Division. This game looks like a combination of Destiny and DayZ. The players were venturing into something called The Darkzone, where the best loot is kept. They encountered a high level enemy, and were discussing strategy when a second group of players crept up behind them. After a few tense moments, both groups worked together to take out the enemies and grab the loot. They ran to a safe zone to extract, but just before extraction the folks we were following decided to betray their new friends and grab their loot. They were immediately tagged “Rogue Agents” by the game, but made short work of the other team. As they were nursing their wounds, crawling to safety, that’s when the game got really interesting. The third player in their group left the group and executed his two friends, getting rewards for taking out the Rogue Agents. It looks like this game could have a super interesting dynamic.

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Blue Byte Announced Anno 2205, a new city builder that takes place both on Earth and, eventually, the Moon. Comes out November 3rd.

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Aisha makes awkward banter with a cosplayer. I didn’t really need to mention that, but it was really awkward.

So let’s bring out the dancers! Jason Altman is here to tell us about Just Dance 2016. It’s coming out on all motion platforms, but if you don’t have a motion camera or a wiimote, you can play with your smart phone in your hand. The game will detect it and treat it like a controller. They’re also creating Just Dance Unlimited, a streaming service that brings new dances to you for a subscription fee. Coming for Wii U, Xbox One and PS4.

Then they had a concert from a guy I’m too old to know, and this depressed me.

Rainbow Six Siege is next! Actual gameplay test here, you can tell because everyone died at the end but they all celebrated like they’d won. They were showing off a returning mode called Terrohunt, which is a combination assault and defense mode. First you have to find a way to enter a building without dying – the group playing on stage ascended with ropes, shot through the windows, scouted with an RC car and then shot their way through a wall to get to their targets. Once they’d dispatched them and set up a bomb defuser, the game transitioned into defense mode, where the terrorists were coming at them from every possible angle, including through the destructible walls. Looked fun, but definitely needs teamwork to not be frustrating. The mission giver in the game is played by Angela Basset, and her in-game model looks insanely good. The beta for this game starts on September 24th.

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Trackmania Turbo is coming to new gen consoles from PC. The trailer looked like F-zero on crack – super fast, and insanely crazy courses. The game demoed running live on a PS4, and they also showed off their track builder. Track builder builds a whole track at the push of a button, automatically. First it terraforms the land, then it builds a track, then it adds signage. The whole process took about thirty seconds, and then they raced on it.

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate showed off a cinematic trailer – no gameplay at all, which is a little worrying. It followed the main male Assassin of the two, as he led his gang to an orphanage where kids were being sold to Templars for cash. After chasing the Templar down in an epic carriage chase across the London Bridge, he hung him from a chain and burned him alive, leaving his gang to deal with the cops. Then he walked into the rival gang’s pub, beat the crap out of their leader, and claimed its members for his own. It all looked very slick and fun, but absolutely none of it was any guarantee that the game will be any good. We’ll have to see.

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Finally, we got an announcement of a brand new game, which I thought at first was Just Cause 3. It’s actually a four player co-op Ghost Recon, called Wildlands. It’s about your battle against a drug cartel that worships death – the interesting thing is that the game is set up with at least three different ways to solve every mission. In this particular demo, they showed three different approaches to killing the same man. in Long Range, they parachuted into the site, walked up to the hill, and shot him through a window, before engaging in a car chase to steal some cocaine. In Stealth, they snuck in at night during a rain storm, killed everyone, and shot the target. In Ambush, they invaded the base with guns blazing, took out the men, stole the cocaine – and then left the target alone, because he was a dead man anyway. This is a brand new world for Ghost Recon, and I’d love to see how it all plays out in the final version.

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Two more press conferences tonight, so stay tuned!

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