Two Years In, the Giant Robot Fight is Finally Happening

It’s finally happening.¬†Two years after American Giant Robot Maker Megabots threw down the metaphorical gauntlet (presumably a rocket gauntlet with lasers), and Japanese Giant Mecha Constructor¬†Suidobashi Heavy Industries accepted, the time has come. Next Tuesday, October 17th, at 7pm PT, the two giant robots will come to blows and all of the world will celebrate.

Seriously, if you’d told me even three years ago that there would be a giant robot fight in my lifetime, I never would have believed you. But god bless science and engineering for making the dreams of every kid who ever watched Gundam, Power Rangers, or Godzilla come true. And while these aren’t the towering, skyscraper sized robots of Evangelion, and while they’re likely to have a much slower, less agile fight than what we’ll see in Pacific Rim: Uprising next year, this is just the first step. Soon, the robots will be bigger. More agile. And maybe we’ll even make a fake city somewhere in the desert for them to blow up while they fight. You want the next big sport America? This has got to be it.

Megabots wants to get you hyped up with this video, showing off their new, 16 foot tall, twelve ton bot. Check it out:

Suidobashi, meanwhile, are playing their cards closer to the vest. Nothing has been seen of the Kuratas since the original challenge. Have they upgraded their bot since then? We’re not sure, but we can show you the original Kuratas hype video from 2012:

The battle goes down next Tuesday, October 17th, at 7pm PT. You can watch it live on the Megabots Twitch Channel:



Watch live video from MegaBotsInc on

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