Triexta: Social Justice, and Dragons Fighting F15s

(Full Disclosure: Chris is a staff member at The Ace of Geeks. In fact, he’s written some amazing stuff for us…which is even MORE reason for you to support this.)

If you’re me, the “Dragons fighting F-15s” was enough for you to be mashing the link below and throwing youroney at the screen, but let’s break this down a little more.

There’s a few days left in author Chris Brecheen’s kickstarter for their new novel, Triexta, and we think you should go support it. Check out some details:

Chris is the talented author behind the blog Writing About Writing, where you can head to find most of his stuff, including his fiction. But this new project sounds really exciting. Chris is using the lens of (Sub) Urban Fantasy to shine a light on some very popular tropes in our favorite books, AND giving us knock down drag our magic versus tech fights. And he’s planning on giving the entire novel away for free.

He’s already shattered his initial funding goals, but this next stage is the one people should most support. The more money he’s able to raise, the more likely it is that we’ll get the book sooner. Think of it as your opportunity to stick it to George R. R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss all at once.

Check out Triexta right here, there’s only a few days left.

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