Thursday at Comic-con 2017!

What a day!

Outside of the convention halls, several new off sites are making their debut.  Folks lined up for Game of Thrones experience at a jaw-droppingly early 5 am & before – only to still be in line at 9 hours later. Some guests waited overnight for the chance to get inside to see costumes, props and maybe some swag. Various attendees have said it is the same exhibit as last year, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Westworld’s line was capped by 8 am, but they do not allow people to line up overnight, so if patrons arrive early there should be a decent chance of getting in. Rumour is there is a game to choose whether you will be a white hat or a black hat. If you have checked it out, please comment below and let us know what you saw!

The Netflix experience heavily features fan favorite show Stranger Things with two large rooms heavily packed with props, costumes, and of course, a Barb memorial. Guests can play a trivia game for swag with questions that should be easy for any fan of the show. Items range from memorial candles, tiny fuko key chains of Eleven, T-shirts and Stranger Things snap back hats – if you want a hat get there earlt. Guests can walk through Will’s living room – in Joyce’s shoes. Pro tip, call “Will”? and watch the lights flicker and the walls undulate – there’s something inside! A short vr experience takes you through a significant moment in the life of  Joyce, (Winona Rider) – if you don’t mind not being able to fight or run from scary things, it’s a good time!

There isn’t any new information about stranger things season 2 in the exhibit, all is from season 1. Some spoilers for people who have not seen season 1.

Netflix’s new show Bright features Will Smith and Joel Edgerton and has its own series of rooms around the corner. Taking place in LA, East side Orcs, West side Elves and regular old humans try to survive gang wars violence and… magic? Grab an elvish tattoo, pick up a wanted sign for a bad Orc, sit on an Orcish throne and put on some “sELFish” ears and grab another free shirt.

The Defenders has shirts to give away, but the main experience is at comic-con on-site in the exhibit hall.

Ilana and Abbi of Broad city have their own Comedy Central experience one block over from first street accross from the convention center. Color on walls, floor and furniture with neon paint of many colors. There is also a temporary airbrush tattoo parlor with the name of the show and an accent nail salon. This is to promote the new season of Broad city primering August 18th and a very psychedelic Broad City coloring book available for $10 and coming soon elsewhere. Get there early to spin the wheel and try to win a shirt that reads “Broad f***ing City” – I’ll be back to get one myself!

Check out all the experiences not listed here by going to the official SDCC app and make sure to bring water, it’s gonna be a hot one!

Have a great con, be safe and check it all out!

Megan Fox
Megan Rose Fox is an entertainer from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys tabletop, pen & paper and video games. When she's not covering conventions with the Ace of Geeks she enjoys running, yoga, tabletop games, video games, post-apocalyptic fiction, costuming, storytelling, improv, sketch comedy, and cooking like a health conscious mad scientist.

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