Thor Ragnarok Trailer Makes Thor Interesting Again

The Thor series of films have always been one of Marvel’s weaker entries. Iron Man gets the snarky adventure, and all the best movies happen to Captain America, but the repeated attempts at making a semi-serious fantasy film have, for whatever reason, fallen flat, despite having one of the most talented casts in the Marvel canon.

So Marvel took a hard left with their third Thor, and gave us this:

First of all, whoever chose “Immigrant Song” as the trailer music, bravo, well done, and please accept this high five.

Second of all, boy does this ever look different than what has come before, in the best way. Director Taika Waititi, who before this was known for things like What We Do in The Shadows, has brought a whole new look at feel to Thor, making it self aware, brightly colored and badass. Cate Blanchett looks wonderful and terrifying as Hela. And Jeff “Life, uh, finds a way” Goldblum as king of a space prison arena is just inspired.

I’ve never hated the Thor movies-saying they’re weaker Marvel films is like saying they’re a slightly less delicious kind of chocolate-but this is the first time I’ve been truly excited for one. I can’t wait to see what this film is like when it’s done.

Patrick Lowry

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