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The Terminator Coming to WWE 2K16

We’re not usually the type to help advertise pre-order bonuses – because really, you shouldn’t preorder games, it only encourages the terrible current practices of the video game industry. That being said, this video is just too damned badass to not share. This morning, 2K Games and the WWE announced the first bonus for pre-ordering WWE 2k16 – you get to play as the Terminator. Apparently, both the Terminator 1 and Terminator 2 versions of the T-800 will be available in the game. No word yet on what theme music or finisher the killer cyborg will use, but this already looks like the best use of the Terminator franchise this year. The best part of this, though? The hilarious homage to Terminator 2 that they use to advertise it.


My favorite part is seeing the different WWE superstars reenact the scene from Terminator 2 – Dean Ambrose especially does a great job. This is a really fun video. What do you guys think? Cheap cash-in or great idea?

Mike Fatum
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