THE PULL LIST – 2/1/18

Hello, Everyone and welcome to another edition of The Pull List, the apartment down the street of ideas. I’m your host Brian J. Patterson, and I’m very excited to bring you my picks for this week. The theme for this week is bloody carnage. So, I’m going to give you the two books that I thought were interesting even though they had a lot of bloody carnage. As always…Enjoy!



Publisher: Alterna Comics

Writer: Garrett Gunn, Artist: Saint Yak, Colorist: Sean Forney, Letters: HdE

I have to be honest, I can’t really put my finger on why I was so attracted to picking up this comic, but I’m glad that I did. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic California, over a hundred years in the future (2136). A great war is the cause of the damage, and the West Coast in particular, has been stripped of it’s ‘fabulousness’ so to speak. A mercenary’s wife and daughter have been killed and he makes it his mission to avenge them. While this whole Frank Castle meets Walking Dead might sound weird to you, I am surprised that I enjoyed this first episode which almost reads like a television show opening: Smooth, simple, and sopping with blood. It’s true, there is blood everywhere! The art direction is not your traditional and focuses mostly on character and emotion. The paper upon which it is printed is a kind of old school newspaper feel, which adds to the feel and telling of the story. A great escape from the superhero inundation from the big two, Go West turned out to be exactly the kind of distraction I needed, and at $1.50 you can’t go wrong!

Power level: 8/10



Publisher: Marvel

Writers: Tom Taylor, Artist: Juann Cabal, Colorist: Nolan Woodard, Cover Artists: Dan Mora and Romulo Fajardo Jr., Letters: VC & Cory Petit

The cover of this book is what drew me in the most. The angle, the colors used, the expression, the stance, and even them standing in the puddles of water. To me, it’s exactly what Wolverine is all about; The fight. After the movie Logan, we are all expecting blood and gore from anything and everything associated with Wolvie. This comic delivers, but in a new way to me. For all of the fighting, blood, and gore that appeared in the book, I was especially surprised at how well the messages of love, preservation of human life, and respect for each other as a species were conveyed and encouraged. I won’t go into much more, but I will say that regardless of anything else, this book is worth picking up for how the story unfolds. Go get it!

Power level: 8/10

Quote Of The Week: “Every humane and patriotic heart must grieve to see a bloody and causeless rebellion, costing thousands of human lives and millions of treasure. But as it was predetermined and inevitable, it was long delayed. Now is the appropriate time to solve the greatest problem ever submitted to civilized man.” – Thaddeus Stevens

As you go through the rest of your comic week, I hope that you can appreciate and enjoy some of the more bloody side of comics and the evolution and change that it represents. See you next week! -Brian

Brian J. Patterson
Brian J. Patterson (contributing writer) is a commercial, film, and theatre actor based in California. He works in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, with some appearances in New York City. His writing for Ace Of Geeks primarily centers around awareness of diversity and positive representation in entertainment. A self proclaimed ‘geek’ having proudly accumulated a comic book collection which has surpassed a net worth of approximately $12K, Brian usually focuses on the ‘comics (or sci-fi) 2 film’ genre. He is honored to have been given the opportunity to work with AceOfGeeks, loves geek culture, and especially loves interacting with fans. His three life dreams are: 1) to be cast as a lead character on a Sci-Fi channel show, 2) be the first openly gay action-film star, and 3) later host a television show which explores diversity within geek culture. You can connect with Brian on all his social media accounts by visiting www.brianjpatterson.com.

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