The Best April Fools’ of 2016

The day that many dread has come and gone on the internet. April Fool’s Day 2016 left us with a bevy of belly laughs and a good heaping of indignant rage as the professional content creators of the internets spent months creating pranks to hype us up and bring us down.

I can see why there are people out there who absolutely despise this “holiday,” but I really enjoy a good April Fool’s prank. And by “good,” I mean the kind you look at, laugh, and move on. The kind that trick you into thinking something horrible has happened are not funny, don’t do them. Seriously.

Without further ado, here’s the best pranks of this year:


I almost hesitated to put this one on the list. IGN did such a good job putting this bad boy together – sources tell us this was at least a month’s worth of work – that it straight up fooled most of my friends. Which puts it more in the category of “tricking people” than “making people laugh,” but it’s so good that you can’t not include it. Hopefully Netflix takes a look at this and starts trying to get their hands on a Star Wars series – although maybe not about Darth Maul.

Also, they made a little kid cry:


This one is really funny – until you realize the joke is that Blizzard realizes their card game is way more popular than their MMO. Then it gets a little sad. Still, the idea of trying to turn Hearthstone players into WoW players by convincing them that WoW is the spinoff is pretty damn good.


Google’s other prank this year, Google Mic Drop, had to be disabled because too many users were accidentally hitting the button, and sending funny gifs to their bosses who couldn’t respond. So, thankfully, they made this brilliant parody of the current VR revolution instead. This video is a perfect parody of all the silly product videos we have to see every time a major company launches something “revolutionary.”


Hot Topic’s been making a ton of cool clothing lines based on popular movies and TV for the past few years – or at the very least, stocking Her Universe clothes to accomplish the same thing – so the idea of making a line of clothing based on a classic TV show isn’t that far fetched. Hilariously, I know several people who were really disappointed this one isn’t real. Apparently the “open collar pin stripe house coat” could have been a big look this year.


Speaking of “products people would actually buy,” Think Geek continued their tradition of designing a bunch of products that are “April Fool’s Jokes,” so they can build the hype and release them later. This one, we hope to god, comes true. Who doesn’t want to fall asleep to the gentle noises of the Enterprise, while stars dance past on the ceiling? It’s too good.


There was a bunch of news about Final Fantasy XV last week, but their MMO little brother was not to be outdone. This unfortunately fake app will replace Uber on your phone with a much more environmentally conscious way to travel: Chocobo. You can choose what type, and tip them in greens. And yes, I want this so very badly. Genetic engineers, get on it already!




News ReleaseLibrary and Archives Canada’s major acquisition of the declassified journals and military records of…

Posted by Library and Archives Canada on Friday, April 1, 2016

The long-standing favorite of just about anyone I talked to was this: The official Library of Canada releasing the military records of one James Howlett, later known as Wolverine. This is the best kind of prank. You know it’s a joke instantly, you chuckle, you tell your friends. Nobody’s crying – looking at you, IGN.

Those were our favorites from this year, but did we miss any of the best? Let us know what your favorites were in the comments.

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