The Ace of Geeks Staff reacts to the New Star Wars Trailer!

You might have heard, but there was this trailer for this new movie last night, or something? Yeah, the internet broke in half as the final trailer for The Force Awakens premiered at the same night tickets went on sale, causing every movie ticket site in existence to simultaneously explode. Then, this morning, Ace of Geeks Editor in Chief Mike Fatum came to a horrifying realization on our staff page (spoilers ahead):

Mike Fatum: I’m a moron. I should’ve asked you guys to film your reactions to the trailer last night so we could do a staff compilation today. Blaaaargh.

Lauren Harrington: I still haven’t seen any of the trailers

Kyle Johannessen: That’s it, Mike. You’re fired. I’m taking over. :p

Joe Hadsall: At first I was like, whoa! Then, I was like, WHOA! Then, I was like, whoooooooooaaa…

David Losey: You’ve got some serious thrill issues, dude.

Mary Anne Butler: I mostly was jazzed, then surprised, then perplexed. What about Luke? What the hell with that temple with the Mandalorian flag, and then d’awwww with Han finally saying hokey religions really WERE a match for a good blaster at his side.

Mike Fatum: Mae Linh (my wife) was like, “Baby! Baby! Turn it down!” and I was like, “No! I’m too busy crying!

Katrina Smith: I cried tears of joy.

David Losey: I was just screaming in joy

Katrina Smith: I did some of that too, LOL

Katrina Smith: I also had a moment when they showed an aged Leia. “Fuck yeah, Leia! You get old and happy! You earned it.

Mike Fatum: *leia is immediately killed because Katrina had this reaction*

Katrina Smith: Awww, crap.

Mary Anne Butler: Oh come on, it’s not like it’s Grandpa George writing it! She’ll at least be around til the Jedi Wedding.

Nick Bailey Jr: I haven’t watched it. But it’s a long time til December. We’ll see if it lasts.

Sam Stafford: I was kinda like house

John Garcia: What trailer?

Mike Fatum
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One thought on “The Ace of Geeks Staff reacts to the New Star Wars Trailer!

  1. I have not seen the trailer to The Force Awakens. I know that sounds like it automatically makes my comment null and void but I don’t want to develop any unreasonable expectations of the plot. Sometimes what’s in the trailer is not part of the movie. What I really loved about this article was the way everyone contributed to it. I dunno how long this came together but it was fun to read. Thanks for posting this!

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