Telltale’s Batman Looks Awesome

Telltale has spent years perfecting the new version of the old school point and click adventure game – they started with Sam and Max and Strong Bad, and perfected it with the choice-based-gameplay of The Walking Dead. Since then, they’ve gone into a wide variety of comic book and movie based games, and even got to invent a Story Mode for Minecraft. But the idea of a Batman game in that style is still a really interesting one. The Arkham series gave us the Batman fighting and sneaking we always wanted, but it never gave us Batman the detective. We’re hoping that a Telltale game can give us that. Check out the world premiere trailer:

This looks really cool. Troy Baker gets a chance to put on the cowl and be the bat, and he sounds pretty good – there’s definitely a little Kevin Conroy in him. The story is following the well-trod Harvey Dent origin, but the nice thing about it is we get to play through a Batman story that has time to develop the characters without needing to start punching every few minutes. The addition of characters like Catwoman and – I think that was Anarky, it could have been Manchester Black – will certainly make the story intriguing.
We’ll know more about the game as SDCC rolls on this week, so we’ll give you more impressions as we get them.

Telltale’s Batman series launches on August 2nd, with the first episode available for download for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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