iZombie Episode 12: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat – This week, Liv’s created a monster!

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Last week, Liv ate the brain of a paranoid schizophrenic and had conversations with the demon character logo for Hell Fries chips, and went on a stakeout with Johnny Frost (the local weatherman from the TV station). Peyton and Ravi had date night at Peyton and Liv’s place, and Major dropped by.  Liv went with Johnny Frost to the deceased’s apartment, looking for evidence. They found his cell phone, and when Liv checked the videos on it she found a video of herself eating her first zombie meal. Later, Major checked himself out of the mental hospital, and went on his own little recon mission. He recovered (read: STOLE) some brains from Blaine’s delivery guy – astronaut brains meant for a high roller client. Blaine got pissed off and stabbed the delivery guy in the neck and ordered him to recover the brains. Ravi found a cure for zombie-ism. One of his concoctions that he was feeding the rat worked – the white rat turned brown again. The kicker about last week’s episode was that most of the events were delusions – the result of Liv eating the brain of a paranoid schizophrenic. I pretty much got the whole “Bobby Ewing is in the shower, this was all just a dream” feeling.

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iZombie Episode 10: Mr. Berserk


Last week, Major was attacked by Julien in his own home. Then Blaine shot Lowell. This event was a pretty big development, and really traumatic for fans of ship Livwell. It put me in a bit of a funk, as well. I didn’t realize how attached to these characters I had become until that point. Well done, show writers! You sucked us all in, and we all bought tickets on that cruise. Now, we’re floundering in the ice cold waters of the realization that Lowell went the way of the Titanic. Hopefully we’ll get a lifeboat soon.

This week, Suzuki covers for Blaine (and by default, Liv) by cutting short the investigation of Lowell’s murder. He tells the investigating detective that it was an obvious suicide, and if the M.E.’s office finds the same, then it’s case closed. Liv attempts to drown her sorrows in the alcohol-soaked brain of the reporter (Rebecca Hinton) that worked with Major on the missing kids issue. Clive digs deeper into the Max Rager problem, and finds some damning evidence that includes the boat party that Liv was at the night she was turned. Clive pulls her off the case due to her alcohol consumption, and Ravi sends her home. She meets someone who identifies himself as Rebecca’s source, and winds up in some deep shit when she figures out who her real source is. Major checks himself into a psychiatric treatment facility, and meets a guy who tells Major that he knows all about zombies. Liv comes clean with Ravi about why Lowell was with Blaine in the first place, and what they had planned. Clive is the voice of reason, talking sense into Major and keeping Liv grounded.

So much “WTF?!” going on with this, and there’s still three more episodes left in the season!

Will Liv tell Major about the zombie thing? Will Ravi get closer to a cure? Will anyone tell Clive about Suzuki? Hit the jump for the recap, and give us your predictions for what’s to come in the remainder of this season of iZombie!


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