Star Wars Celebration Day 4: Rogue One Awakens!

The final day of Star Wars Celebration was short, but booooy was it sweet. We learned more than we ever thought we would about the first Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One, we saw the props from The Force Awakens, and we learned about next year’s Celebration for the first time. Spoilers abound from this point on.
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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Teaser Trailer Teaser!

That’s not a typo…this is a teaser trailer for a teaser trailer. Just so we’re clear – not a full trailer.

And given the fact that this badass thing would be totally acceptable as a full trailer, begs the question: What in the heck is the actual trailer going to look like? Hit the jump to see Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner back in action one more time.

Things to like here: The insane stunts, the fact that Cruise’s female counterpart actually looks his age, and Simon Pegg. Because Simon Pegg is always something to like.

First (Ant-Sized) Trailer for Ant Man!

You cheeky, cheeky little jerks, Marvel. Once again, they’re promoting their TV shows by throwing an entire trailer at us during the airing of Agent Carter, on January 6th. Which is awesome. But to promote that, they’re giving us the entire trailer right now on Youtube! What? Check it out after the jump.

Yeah, even going full screen on that one’s not going to help. I can see…some people? Doing some things?

Well played, Marvel. We’re excited to see the full trailer on January 6th – remember to check it out here.