Ben Affleck to Direct and Geoff Johns to Write a Batman Film?


Deadline is reporting that DC’s creative director, Geoff Johns, is hard at work already on a script to the first standalone Batman film in the new DC Cinematic Universe, and will likely turn in a script by this summer for Ben Affleck to direct. Affleck would then move on to creating the film after his long-standing adaptation of Dennis Lehane novel Live by Night. This would place the film after Justice League, in the large section of solo films DC is planning to release after their big team up movie, in what we can only call a “reverse Marvel.” Of course, all of this likely still stands on the idea that Batman v Superman, and Justice League, are successful enough for Warner Bros to not throw their hands up in the air and try and reboot their universe again.

Affleck loves directing tales of dark, crime stories, which should be a decent fit for the caped crusader. And Johns has written some pretty good episodes of TV, although he’s never delivered on a full feature script before. The only odd thing about this is that Johns and Affleck’s styles don’t really mesh at all – Johns is a big, four color superhero guy, and Affleck is more of a quiet, dark, angry story guy. We’ll see if, working together, they can deliver a Batman film everyone is happy with, or if they’ll just be trying to ape Nolan as hard as they can.