Alan Tudyk and Everyone Else You Love in First Trailer for Con Man

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If we’re all being honest here, we started throwing money at the screen the moment that Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion announced they wanted to do a show together. Thankfully, that was the whole point, and the crowndfunding campaign for Con Man became a gigantic success, pushing Alan’s original idea into something far, far bigger. Now, on the first day of Comic-con, he’s unleashed the first trailer for the show, which will be premiering exclusively on Vimeo on Demand. (It costs just $14 to preorder the whole thing right now.) And boy, does it look like all of our money was well spent. The cast includes Tudyk and Fillion, Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Tricia Helfer, Gina Torres, Milo Ventimiglia, and so many more of your absolute favorite people. And it’s damned funny. We can’t wait for the full series to premiere on September 30th. Hit the jump to watch the trailer, and let us know what you think in the comments. Continue reading

The Flash’s Joe, Cisco, and Eddie Perform an Acapella Ballad of Serenity

The Flash’s cast members keep impressing us with their extracurricular activities. You may have seen Cisco and the good/evil/good (stop confusing me, Flash writers!) Harrison Wells performing an acapella trombone performance over Christmas, but this one takes the cake. Jesse L. Martin (Joe West), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon) and Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne) break out into three part harmony to perform a beautiful, gospel-style rendition of the Ballad of Serenity. Get your daily dose of goosebumps after the jump.

This performance, by the way, is in support of the kickstarter for a project they’re all working on called The Letter Carrier. It’s a story about slavery in the 1800s, told through music, and looks really, really cool. They’re almost to their goal, so say thank you for the song by going and donating!

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion Launch Campaign for Convention-based Comedy

Do you miss Firefly? Well, join the rest of the galaxy in continuing to wait. But if you miss the actors from Firefly, wait no longer! (Or rather, wait a little longer.) The hilarious Alan Tudyk and his sidekick, Nathan Fillion, have teamed up to produce Con Man, a comedy about what it’s like to be an actor from a cancelled-too-soon science fiction series working the convention circuit. It’s a real stretch for them, let me tell you.

The promotional video on their IndieGoGo Page promises appearances from Felicia Day, Gina Torres, James Gunn and Seth Green, with more surprises to come as they raise more money, I’d imagine. Right now, the total they’re looking for is only to produce the first three, ten minute episodes, but if they smash their funding goals they’ll produce the whole series, and build a spaceship.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in seeing, go forth! Click the link above, and give them your money!

UPDATE: As of 12:07 pm PST, they’ve already funded the first three episodes. But keep giving them your money so they can make the whole series!

Are All of Joss Whedon’s Shows and Movies Connected?

Officially? No, not really. (Unless Joss has been hiding this from us all this time.) But an anonymous Imgur user put together a pretty convincing timeline that connects Buffy, Angel, Cabin in the Woods, and finally Firefly into one cohesive universe. Check out the explanation and the image after the jump. (Also, massive spoilers for all of those shows are involved.)

Basically, it goes like this: After Buffy Season 7’s ending, turning every girl who could be a slayer into a slayer, Angel and Crew in LA begin to wake up Wolfram and Hart’s Senior Partners. Desperate to save the world, the Initiative starts setting up the horror movies shown in Cabin in the Woods, making sacrifices to the Senior Partners in order to keep them from destroying the world. The kids from Cabin in the Woods upset all of that by surviving, unleashing the Senior Partners and destroying the world. This forces the Initiative and Wolfram and Hart, who’d begun working together to create the sacrifices in Cabin in the Woods (because come on, Sigourney Weaver was totally a Wolfram and Hart lawyer in that movie), into a desperate Alliance that pushes mankind out into the stars. At the same time, they begin finding and recruiting special young girls who show promise to be possible Slayers. One of those is River Tam, who during the climax of the film Serenity comes into her power and becomes the first Slayer in millennia.

It all fits! And surprisingly well. What do you think?