Suicide Squad Trailer is Slow and Sad and Has the Joker

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The moment you’re all looking for – hearing Jared Leto’s laugh as the Joker for the first time, comes at the very end of this trailer. The rest is an introduction to the concept of the Squad, and follows the very slow, very sad style of the DC Cinematic Universe we’ve come to expect. Which is unfortunate, because it looks like the movie itself is trying to be a fun romp, not a depressing character study. Lots of long takes of shots with little, tiny inserted attempts at humor abound here. What do you think? Is this the direction you wanted from the Squad? Continue reading

Comic-con Proposal is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See This Year

comic con proposal

When Makeup Artist Barry Bishop and¬†Visual FX Artist Billy Brooks were brought on stage for the Con Man panel at SDCC this year, people probably thought it was odd. Usually, the panels are reserved for directors, producers, and the cast – the crew behind the magic don’t normally get the spotlight. Maybe Alan Tudyk was being really nice? Well, it turns out, he had an ulterior motive. You see, now that their wedding would be legal in their home states in the “deep south,” Billy had decided it was time to ask his man to tie the knot, in our absolute favorite thing from Comic-con this year. Seriously, even the Batman v Superman trailer can’t top this. Gentlebeings, prepare your tear ducts: Continue reading

Highlights from the Incredible SDCC Star Wars Panel!



Missed the epic Star Wars panel last night at Comic-con? Bummed about it – don’t be, because for once, the Hall H panel isn’t a once in a lifetime experience. The entire thing was filmed and placed online, and our friends at io9 have brought you an epic highlight reel of all the best moments, and a full playlist of the entire panel for your viewing pleasure. See Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill knock the socks off of the Hall H crowd, watch the new cast learn what they’re in for for the first time, and see JJ Abrams invite literally every person in the room to an exclusive Star Wars concert after the show. Go check it out after the jump, and watch the official behind the scenes video they released, too. If it doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, something may be wrong with your tearducts. Continue reading

SDCC Day One Wrap Up – Rose Marie Fox


Woke up late and then went immediately to the Game of Thrones experience across the street from the Omni hotel. I arrived around 10:45, not knowing it would be a full 4+ hours until I actually got into the exhibit proper. The exhibit is very fun, but less impressive at first glance due to the green screens and simple decoration at the entrance. Luckily the folks I was near to in line were friendly and I even handed out a few business cards – truly I could not have done the wait without my new friends and line buddies. Continue reading

Alan Tudyk and Everyone Else You Love in First Trailer for Con Man

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If we’re all being honest here, we started throwing money at the screen the moment that Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion announced they wanted to do a show together. Thankfully, that was the whole point, and the crowndfunding campaign for Con Man became a gigantic success, pushing Alan’s original idea into something far, far bigger. Now, on the first day of Comic-con, he’s unleashed the first trailer for the show, which will be premiering exclusively on Vimeo on Demand. (It costs just $14 to preorder the whole thing right now.) And boy, does it look like all of our money was well spent. The cast includes Tudyk and Fillion, Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Tricia Helfer, Gina Torres, Milo Ventimiglia, and so many more of your absolute favorite people. And it’s damned funny. We can’t wait for the full series to premiere on September 30th. Hit the jump to watch the trailer, and let us know what you think in the comments. Continue reading

AoG SDCC Cool Stuff Contest!



Ladies, gentlemen, it’s time for a little bit of a giveaway.

As you know, we’ve got two staffers – John Garcia and Rose Marie Fox – covering San Diego Comic-con for us this year. What you don’t know is that these two staffers are your gateway to fabulous prizes! That’s right, we’ve got a stack of toys, games, books and other wonderful knick-knacks to give away. Some of them brand new, some of them retro, all of them a surprise! “But how?” I hear you cry, “How can I win these wonderful prizes?!” There are two ways, one for those of you already at SDCC, and one for those of you playing at home! Continue reading

SDCC: Last Minute Tips



As I sit writing this I am frantically woofing down a slice of pizza and wracking my brain for everything¬† could possibly forget to bring, necessary and otherwise. If you’re running around the house doing the same thing, stop. Take a deep breath, remember how lucky you are to be an attendee and read this. Continue reading