Cosplay Shenanigans: Building and Being Admiral Trench


When I got passes for Star Wars Celebration, I was a bit apprehensive about cosplaying at all.

I remember this story Kevin Smith told about the time when some kid went up to him and asked to take a picture.  He later found out that  the kid thought (or joked) that he thought that he was the X-Wing Pilot Porkins.

“What have I gotten myself into?!” I asked myself.  I know the modern cosplay community is very accepting and tolerant.  Hell, there’s even a lot of “Cosplay is not consent” placards at Star War Celebration (though people do tend to forget it is a reminder about ALL harassment, not just creepy advances).  I heard that story, and I hear about these Star Wars cosplayer groups being very “Accurate-minded,” some even inspect and accept or deny club memberships based on such factors. Continue reading