PRIDE – Congratulations, America


Today is an auspicious day.

The Supreme Court ruled, in a narrow margin, that the practice of banning same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Short of a constitutional amendment passing, it’s now the law of the land. We here at the Ace of Geeks stand for, and have always stood for inclusion. It’s right there in our welcome statement. We believe you should be an ambassador, not a gatekeeper. That’s why we fought against Gamergate, and it’s why we’re inclusive of fandoms that often get shoved to the side, like Bronies and Furries. And it’s why we’re so happy, here today, to welcome America into a world of love and acceptance, rather than the path of intolerance and hate so many people are so desperate to follow. The words of a book written thousands of years ago should not be dictating what happy, loving couples can do today. Since this is a momentous day, and we’ve basically spent all day celebrating on the staff page, we wanted to give a space for those of the staff who wanted to say something to do just that. Here you go: Continue reading