SWC40 – Princess Leia – John Williams Tribute

April 13, 2017 marks the beginning of Star Wars Celebration 40 (SWC40). Like all celebrations before it the introductory panel seemed very familiar. The panel was lead by Star Wars own Warwick Davis. Most of the surviving cast members from the original trilogy amassed on stage for a question and answered session. It started with whos who of Star Wars starting with Kathleen Kennedy, George Lucas, Dave Filoni (of Rebels fame),  Hayden Christensen, Ian McDiarmid, Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Billy Dee WilliamsLiam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson where brought in via per-recorded message. Everyone reminiscing of particular memories and difficult lines to deliver. You think this alone would be news, however, on the heels of Carrie Fishers passing, Both George Lucas and Kathleen  started a heartfelt tribute to our favorite Princess General, Carrie Fisher.

Billie Lourd, Carrie Fishers daughter,  was given a moment to give her own thoughts or her mothers importance and positive message. She expressed her gratitude of the numerous fans who use her mother as a positive role model.  She was followed by a great tribute video consisting of some of Carrie Fishers more memorable moments and funny outtakes. Mixing in interviews and a combination of a modern music and Star Wars themes, this tribute is fitting for our beloved Carrie.

The most exciting and chilling part was after the Tribute video a curtain was raised to present John Williams and a small orchestra which played Leis Theme LIVE. It was touching, heartfelt, closure to the universes biggest loss.

You can watch the Tribute Video Here:


And John Williams Tribute at the 1:47:00 mark (The copy of the live feed is a bit jittery):




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