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Which Super Bowl commercials do you want to see?

I’m not a huge sportsball fan. I watch the Winter Olympics. I check up on my favorite NBA and NFL teams occasionally and maybe watch playoffs.

I watch the Super Bowl… commercials.

I record the game and fast-forward to the commercials. Over the years, some of the ads have become more entertaining than the game. I even fast-forward through the half-time show sometimes, depending who the talent is.

My personal favorite commericals are usually the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials. They are sometimes funny, sometimes solemn – but always engaging. The most memorable ones for me are the Budweiser 9/11 tributes. They ran both tributes only once each. A statement released by the corporation, at the time, was that the intent was to honor the victims, first responders, and survivors of this tragedy – not profit from it. Kudos to Budweiser for a powerfully moving and engaging tribute.

The original spot made its only run during the Super Bowl in January of 2002. Just months before, on September 11th, 2001, airplanes flew into the Twin Towers in New York City. That tragedy forever altered the New York skyline and changed the way America looks at the issues of terrorism – and each other.

The second tribute spot made its only run during Super Bowl XLV in 2011, roughly ten years after the towers fell. It was an updated spot, with grass on the ground instead of snow, and the new memorial visible in the skyline. It still held all the raw emotional impact of the original spot. If you want to do your own comparison, you can find them both on YouTube – uploaded by users. Budweiser has a channel too, but the oldest video is from 2012 so those spots won’t be there.

This year, Budweiser has elected to focus their Super Bowl ads on their charitable work with the recent weather disaster recovery efforts. The ad features a Skylar Grey cover of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”:

Here are some lighter Super Bowl commercials that will also be airing this year (that may or may not have been intentionally leaked):

Pepsi waxes nostalgic, recreating scenes from some spots from back in the day – including the Cindy Crawford, Brittany Spears, and Michael Jackson spots. Oh, and the DeLorean’s there too. So yeah – this is STILL your parents’ Pepsi:

Is it gonna be dragons or penguins? Doritos and Mountain Dew have a rap battle of their own going on, with Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman – stick with it until the end:

Another installment in Bud Light’s medieval series of spots, here’s the Bud Knight:

M&Ms finally lets Red be a real boy (featuring Danny Devito, and Brown voiced by Vanessa Williams):

Come back after the game and tell us which commercials were your favorites!

Raven Knighte
Raven Knighte is addicted to cheese and popsicles. Her favorite pastime is proving not only that it can’t rain all the time, but also that it actually can’t rain at all, by refusing to believe that rain exists. Her favorite quote is the letter that Brian wrote and reads at the end of the movie “The Breakfast Club,” because all five of those characters from the movie live in her head. She bathes in pixiedust daily, feeds clocks to crocodiles, and fights pirates. She has been known to take to the skies and crow loudly on occasion.

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