Suicide Squad: Friendship and Magic

Now, I’ve never read the original works that this film is based on, but having been steeped in nerd and geek culture the majority of my life I’m not completely ignorant of some of the events and circumstances involving and surrounding these characters.

So when I say that Suicide Squad is a movie that’s a little difficult to pin down in terms of enjoyment what I mean is, like many of the recent DCU films, it has it’s own separate take on a lot of beloved characters from the DC comics (Most notably Leto’s portrayal of The Joker) and what is good or bad about it is largely a matter of taste.

They change some things, borrow other bits of the source material wholesale, and allude to events that happen elsewhere in the comics. I think that how you feel about the film will largely be determined by what you think of those little pieces in aggregate.

It feels like a movie made specifically for the hardcore fans that love to see things like the baby’s clothes in the corner of the screen while The Joker lies in a circle of knives and go “Oh! I know what that’s about!”

The film is full small little details that are inconsequential to the story but a delight for the observant viewer, mostly revolving around the clothing and tattoo choices that showcase the character’s individual personality quirks, and while Deadshot, Harley, and Flagg eat up the biggest portions of screen time the other characters do not go unloved in this regard.

With that in mind, there are several parts of the film where logic pretty visibly takes a back seat to the narrative, and the plot follows a pretty time tested arc that anyone who’s seen a movie based around “they’re the bad guys” (or pays even the slightest bit of attention to Will Smith’s character) will see coming from the first 30 minutes.

That’s not to say that if you show up to a theater and stare straight ahead the whole time with no foreknowledge of these character’s you’ll find nothing to enjoy about it. No, the sound track is fantastic, the effects are top notch, and the action sequences are smooth and stylish so there is plenty for the casual movie goer to enjoy as just an action adventure.

In the end I feel that Suicide Squad is a very solid film, but due to a small hand full of pacing issues, predictable and occasionally ham handed writing, and at least one anticlimactic moment, I would say that the film is enjoyable but not great.

If you were interested before there is probably something there for you (especially if your a big SS fan), but otherwise probably give this one a pass.

Jim Lucky is a once and future Youtuber and full time nerd in Sacramento CA.

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