Submit your questions for Zach Callison – the Voice of Steven Universe!

Hey folks! Great news! This Saturday, the Ace of Geeks Podcast will be interviewing Zach Callison, the voice of Steven Universe. Zach has also been Billy Batson in the Captain Marvel movie, Young Tarrlok and Skoochy in The Legend of Korra, and starred in a bunch of live action shows like I’m in the Band. We want to ask him your questions! Submit them in the comments below, and we’ll pick the best ones to ask.

Mike Fatum
Referred to as a God Among Men, the Greatest Man that Ever Lived, and That Dude Over There…No, The Dude with the Long Hair and the Goatee…Yes, That Guy, Mike has grown up being known and loved around his apartment. In addition to being a successful film director and editor, he loves video games, movies, comic books, board games, and his wife and cat. He’s been friends with Jarys for over a decade now, and they started hosting a radio show together on college that became the genesis for the Ace of Geeks Podcast. When he realized he had so many talented friends who could write, the Podcast became an entertainment website, and here we are.

10 thoughts on “Submit your questions for Zach Callison – the Voice of Steven Universe!

  1. What has/is your favorite episode of Steven Universe? Do you think we will learn more about the lore surrounding the gems and beach city?

  2. How does a voice actor get chosen for a role/character?

    How do you decide on how a character’s voice should sound like? (Example: How did you decide Steven should have the type of voice he has now?)

  3. Do you read the scripts one at a time, or are you allowed insight into future character development so you can start fine tuning your acting to match?

  4. Have you seen any of the ships that have been posted on the internet, and if so which ones would you considered the best? I mean if you couldn’t tell I am currently burning in the infernos of Lapidot Hell, but you know… Wanna see if what the VA of the main character has to say about it… The very least a hello is all…

  5. What are the best and worst things about voice acting? I want to know since I’m gonna try it out after I graduate from High School. Also, do you have any other voice acting jobs outside of SU?

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