The Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Uses Music Better Than Any Trailer

The headline is, of course, a wild use of hyperbole, but damn it if this wasn’t one of the best uses of music in a trailer I’ve ever seen. As soon as I recognized Vincent Price’s voice, I started cheering and “singing along,” since that’s been my favorite part of Thriller since 1984 or so.

Oh, also, the new season looks bananas and awesome. Check it out:

The gang is back together, and every thing is totally safe. This will just be a nice, relaxing season of people playing 80s arcade games and HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THAT IN THE SKY?

Will may have left the Upside Down, but it looks like the Upside Down isn’t done with him. The gang will have to come together once again to battle an invasion, and thank god, Eleven’s coming back to help.

Stranger Things Season 2 will be out this Halloween. What did you think of the thrilling trailer? Let us know in the comments.

Patrick Lowry

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