“Stranger Things” returns to Netflix in 2017 for a second season!

Netflix will be bringing back “Stranger Things”  for a second season next year! According to the Duffer brothers, they chose to approach this as a sequel. The time frame will be a year or so after the events of season one. There will be new characters, and some of the story will be taking place outside of the town of Hawkins – and there will be more trips to the Upside Down. Maybe Eleven will be back… or not.

Personally, I hope she will be back. I fervently hope that, like all good “tales of the weird,” this one resolves juuuust enough to leave room for a solid season 3. What – too soon? Here’s the teaser:

When we last saw Eleven, she was wrangling a monster that exploded into ash. She disappeared in her own big ashcloud, and there’s a classroom somewhere in Hawkins, Indiana that you just KNOW has gotta be filled with the stench of burnt decay. Much later, Hopper is seen leaving food in the woods – we assume it’s for Eleven, since he’s leaving real food and Eggos.

Will was rescued and brought home, but nothing says baby Demagorgon like coughing slugs into your bathroom sink. Hope he made that potions check on his magic roll! Meanwhile, his buds seem to be a little less contrary with each other, and even Steve and Jonathan seem to have buried the hatchet. Nancy appears to have settled on Steve, for now. But is that a thing? And Barb really is dead… isn’t she?

We’ll know more next year.

Raven Knighte
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