Steven Universe SDCC Panel is Music to Our Ears

First, the moment we’ve all been waiting for:

Watch this video from Steven Universe SDCC. Bask in that beautiful voice. Just take it in. My favorite part? Her beautiful hand gestures. That’s the Garnet attitude we know and love.

Steven Universe SDCC Debut

Steven Universe’s first panel went amazingly well. With a performance from Grammy Award-Winning Estelle, and just about the full cast. While the extended theme was popular, more recent songs like “It’s Over, Isn’t It” and “Mr. Greg” were also featured. In order of excitement and importance, here’s some things that happened at Steven Universe SDCC:

  • First of its kind, live musical Steven Universe SDCC event
  • Rebecca Sugar just continued to exist, publically, on stage
  • Ben Levin and Jeff Liu (series writers) to Aivi Tran and Steven “Surasshu” Velema (series composers) got their share of adoration; as amazing as all the voice actors are, Steven Universe’s writing and music has endeared the series in our hearts


One more thing: Steven Universe: Summer Adventures is coming!

Steven Universe: Summer Adventures and Beyond

A lot of students have to go back to school next month, but the summer’s not quite over for SU fans. Steven Universe SDCC revealed that the four-week special is starting TONIGHT @ 7pm (ET/PT) with “Beach City Drift”.

In the interest of not spoiling the show too badly, just know that the episode will feature Stevonnie, a car race, and will provide the kick off for this four-week special. With the start of season three of Steven Universe, fans can rest easy knowing there’s no sign that Steven Universe is going away.

With any show whose popularity outpaces its supply of episodes there are rumors that it’s on the cusp of cancellation. There have been articles on this very site urging people to support this fantastic show: You Need to Get On the Steven Universe Train SU’s rather unpredictable upload schedule keeps those rumors circulating. From “Steven bombs” to spaced out, four-week specials, the show’s only consistency has been its consistently high quality. A well-attended, clearly very carefully planned panel should put to rest fears that Cartoon Network doesn’t realize what a gold mine they’ve discovered in this sensitive, nuanced Hero’s Journey. The Steven Universe SDCC panel is the real deal, folks. Like Cookie Cat leaving his family behind, Steven Universe has officially hit the big time. Smile!


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