Steven Universe FINALLY Gets a Soundtrack

One of the greatest joys of the excellent TV show Steven Universe is its songs. They range from the utterly pleasant “Giant Woman,” to the incredibly heartbreaking “It’s Over, Isn’t It?” and they’re so popular that the cast started their panel last year with an actual full on concert. So it’s sort of surprising that it’s taken this long for Cartoon Network to beat the endless Youtube compilations to the punch and release a soundtrack, but here we are. The Steven Universe soundtrack, entitled¬†Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1, is finally,¬†finally coming June 2. It’ll be in CD form as well as on most major streaming platforms.

Cartoon Network has not released any details on what songs will be on the soundtrack, except for the theme song, “We Are the Crystal Gems.” (Hopefully the extended version? Plllleeeeaaaase?) What songs are you hoping will appear? Let us know in the comments.

And while you’re here, Mike, Jarys and the gang from the podcast have interviewed a bunch of the cast of the show. You can check out their interviews, and some of our previous Steven Universe coverage, below.

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Zach Callison

Michaela Dietz

The Crystal Gems


Patrick Lowry

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