Starbucks Announces Partnership with Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go has been making some significant changes in the last couple of months, from a week-long Halloween event to finally unveiling Ditto as an available Pokemon, Niantic has made a point to remind us that that fast hit is still relevant and still has a whole lot to offer fans. Which is why their next move shouldn’t be a huge surprise:


With this morning’s update Pokemon Go will begin an official sponsorship with the Coffeeshop giant Starbucks. This collaboration both features new Pokestops and Gyms (Starbucks promises that almost every store will now be either a Pokestop or a Pokemon Gym) and a brand new Pokemon themed frappuccino!


Frappuccino fans rejoice, this new offering is a delicious fruity concoction that’s a little bit different than previous promotional frappuccinos, it starts with the much loved Vanilla Bean frappuccino and adds berry flavors to make a flavor that’s not unlike berry ice cream. The frappuccino itself will be visible in the game at Starbucks sponsored Pokestops, but Starbucks assures its customers that you won’t need to present your game in order to try the frappuccino: the Pokemon Go Frappuccino will be available to all Starbucks patrons!

What else could this mean for the future of Pokemon Go? Is corporate sponsorship going to redefine the operations of the game, or will it only be an occasional and minimally invasive presence? What do you think about all of this? Share your opinions down below!

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