Star Wars Episode VIII Delayed til December 2017

Sources are reporting that Rian Johnson’s next installment of the Star Wars saga has been delayed from May 2017 to December 15th, 2017. A full seven months, and no, the Millennium Falcon didn’t fall on anybody this time.

Rumor has it that Rain Johnson, who is also writing the script, has had something of an epiphany and wants to do some major rewrites to the script.  The parts for Rey, Poe and Finn are being expanded due to the massive cultural impact they’ve already had and secondary characters are getting reduced.  Why it would even be necessary to expand your lead characters parts is a little odd, but this move actually makes me excited for the film.

The fact that Disney/LucasFilm has not been locked in on a release date or the need to create a “summer blockbuster” is very encouraging.  They clearly feel that the quality of the product and letting their writers and directors really nail down their vision for the picture before getting in front of the camera is more important than anything else. Many other blockbuster films have dissapointed us in the past because the studio was more interested in hitting the release date rather than making a good film or getting the right people to direct. (I’m looking at you, X-Men: The Last Stand!) Giving Rian Johnson some time is a smart move.

Johnson is one of my favorite filmmakers (if you haven’t seen Brick, go do so right now. You’ll thank me later) and to let him have the time to craft the perfect Star Wars experience shows that Disney/LucasFilm are committed to the quality of their product. Johnson’s Looper shows that he has a good eye for Science Fiction and Brick (seriously, go see Brick) has some of the best dialogue you’ll ever hear in a movie. They certainly got the right guy to direct Episode VIII.

Here’s hoping that the forces that be saw that The Force Awakens was really good and that helped it make $1.8 billion, almost half of what Disney payed for LucasFilm, making it the highest grossing movie of all time in North America. The movie it beat for the title, Avatar, has a sequel that also comes out in December 2017. Personally, I’d take Chewbacca over a Na’vi any day of the week!

Kyle Johannessen
Kyle Johannessen is an award winning filmmaker from Boston, Massachusetts and is generally cranky. He’s also a bit of a masochist, often reviewing terrible movies for the sake of a good article. He also loves video games and can often be found exploring Skyrim on his PC or playing Halo for the 1000th time on his Xbox One.

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