For Star Trek Discovery, It’s Boldly Go Time

While reception of its ideas and conceits has been mixed, Star Trek Discovery is finally underway, as a new video from CBS displays.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Discovery’s leadup has been colored by everything from Michelle Yeoh’s casting as Captain Han Bo to the departure of longtime Trek collaborator Bryan Fuller as the show runner to the release of CBS/Paramount’s stringent Fan Film Guidelines for Trek-related productions.

We’ve asked some important questions about Discovery in the past, and while we still don’t have all our answers (see: question 3) we’re getting a lot more information from this video.

Of particular note are some of the set and wardrobe choices, as the cast is never pictured; the uniforms, though, clearly show a gradual shift from the coverall-style uniforms of Enterprise leading into the sleeker uniforms of the Original Series, reflecting the time period in which the show will be set.

Also of note: the humanist tone and the phrase “Star Trek is…”, gives us at least the hope that a real Trek show about humanity and the human struggle as reflected in Roddenberry’s optimistic vision for the future is in the cards — and perhaps not at a better time.

We’re cautiously optimistic, but then some of us are also just happy to see Trek returning to the small screen after three grand and fast-paced but very different feature films.

What do you think? Will the new series be worth the CBS All Access service for you, or has CBS reached the “too little, too late” point? How do you feel about the return of “Star Trek proper” to television? Let us know in the comments!

Ben Lee
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