Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Makes Some Amazing Promises

This first trailer, fellow True-Believers, for Marvel’s first Spider-Man movie appears to be carefully groomed. Much like a ferry split in two, held together by SuperTech webbing and the tenacity of a mutated teen, this trailer balances tropes and tones of the Sony Spider-Man line with the now-to-be-expected Marvel Cinematic charm. The aforementioned ship-held together by wishes and webbing is undoubtedly a nod to the Sony multi-movie motif placing Spidey’s limited super-strength and will-to-save at the center of some endangered mass held together by his gossamer strings. This note might help sooth audiences over from Sony expectations and is well picked, being one of the classic character-defining situations Peter Parker is repeatably placed in. Along side this, however, is a ATM burglary interruption fight that gleams with all the charm of Marvel Studies writing and none of the goraning swings and misses of Sony’s scripts.

Tom Holland once again shines as a Spectacular Peter Parker, playing off (in the trailer at least) against a mothering Tony Stark and an assortment of High School friends. The trailer highlights the best of Spider-man’s inner struggle, not if he can save those he cares for, but his struggle to let the hero within him shine through adversity, underestimation, and moral precipices. Though this is only a trailer, the tone of this offering is already more hopeful and earnest than a number of the past movies.

Let’s hope that Marvel can continue their winning streak and make good on the promise made by the miraculous deal they accomplished with Sony Studios; the chance to showcase the hero that is the Heart of their traditional line up within the context of their established universe. If this movie holds more moments like those displayed here, promise kept.

Jarys Maragopoulos
Jarys Maragopoulos grew up in the suspiciously isolated Ojai valley. Having acted in about a dozen plays as a child, including radio comedy routines, Jarys escaped with a College acceptance letter they had forged out of a hallmark card and octopus Ink. They rode the trains and learned the way of the hobos until arriving at the idyllic city of San Francisco, home to Jarys' dreams. At the University of San Francisco, where they won a Bachelors in History from the Dean in a Kung Fu match, Jarys met their two best friends and stopped blushing when they told people their favorite movie was “Return of the Jedi”. Since that time Jarys has earned their teaching credential (without resorting to thaumaturgy), collected a small library, learned Sumerian, and fell in love.
That list is not causal, they promise.

[Jarys is Genderqueer and, consequently, uses they/their/them pronouns.]

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