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Space is Scary and Fun in Today’s Trailers

It’s a random Tuesday right at the end of February, which means it’s new trailer day! We guess! Anyway, today was the day that Fox decided to release their newest trailer for Alien Covenant, and Marvel decided to releaseĀ their newest trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, and these two movies couldn’t be more different but here’s both of their trailers in one post anyway.

Why do they always look? The big scary egg opens up in the middle of a fog filled nightmare, and every scientist has got to peer inside and get his face hugged. Seriously though, Ridley Scott looks like he’s in top form on the franchise he created, and based on this and the prequel scene released last week, we know these characters will be really interesting people. Who we’ll grow to like, just before the alien eats their faces.

Also, it’s a little weird, even after all of these years, to see a Xenomorph in CG. They just look better as a dude in a suit. What do you think?

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Freakin’ Galaxy are back and ohhhh man does this look fun. This is a bit of a piece together of the footage we saw at Comic-con, but let me tell you, you haven’t seen a damn thing yet. The first movie is still our favorite Marvel film of all time (although it’s a constant battle with Winter Soldier), and the sequel looks to continue the humor, heart and action that made the first one so compelling. Although, I do have to say that I don’t think they need to do a romantic subplot with Star Lord and Gamora. It just feels kinda shoehorned in for her to actually give in to his pelvic sorcery. But maybe the end product will prove me wrong! We’ll find out in just a few months.

What do you think of the space trailer double feature? Let us know in the comments.

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