Sombra Revealed in New Overwatch Animated Short

After months and months of teasing and disappointment, Sombra is finally, finally here. Blizzard announced her with a brand new animated short, one that shows off her new abilities and her loyalties. Check it out:


From the video, it looks as if Sombra will be able to place a recall point for herself to teleport to at any time, and during the panel it was announced that she will be able to “hack enemy abilities.” She’ll be on the PTR next week, along with two new Overwatch maps. She’s playable at Blizzcon, so we should have more information soon.


UPDATE: Here are her abilities:

MACHINE PISTOL: Sombra’s main weapon is an uzi-like machine gun.

HACK: Sombra can hack into enemies who are a short range away from her, preventing them from using abilities for a short time. It can also cancel ultimates which are currently in action, but takes a few seconds to activate.

THERMOPTIC CAMO: Sombra can briefly cloak, boosting her speed. Shooting a weapon or using an ability cancels the invisibility.

TRANSLOCATOR: A mine-looking item Sombra can toss that she can instantly teleport to, even while it’s in flight. Both a movement and an escape option.

EMP: Sombra’s ultimate hacks all enemies in a wide radius and destroys all barriers and shields.

You can see all of this in action at her character page:


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