Is The Shape of Water a Secret Hellboy Film?

Just yesterday, Fox Searchlight posted the first trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s newest film, The Shape of Water. A love story between a mute woman and a merman, it looks absolutely fantastic. Exactly the kind of wonderful, heart wrenching mix between science fiction and horror, where man are the real monsters, that Del Toro does so friggin’ well. We can’t wait. Check it out:

Yup, it looks really good.

You know what else it looks like? A Hellboy prequel.

Yes, this is total tin-foil hat territory. There’s absolutely zero way that Del Toro has made “Abe Sapien: The Movie” and is managing to keep the entire thing under wraps. They’re making an entirely different Hellboy movie without him. But I mean, look at this thing. The set looks exactly like the BPRD from the last two Hellboy movies. The merman creature looks a lot like Abe Sapien. He’s also played by Doug Jones, the same actor who played Abe Sapien. The creature loves eggs. You know who loves eggs? Abe. Sapien. We never hear the creature talk throughout the film. Is it because he can’t? Or is it because he’s hiding the dulcet tones of Doug Jones putting on an English accent?

Again, yes, this is nuts.

But what if it isn’t?


Patrick Lowry

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