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As I sit writing this I am frantically woofing down a slice of pizza and wracking my brain for everything  could possibly forget to bring, necessary and otherwise. If you’re running around the house doing the same thing, stop. Take a deep breath, remember how lucky you are to be an attendee and read this.

Packing: Check off what you pack as you pack it. Also, make sure you have all components to each item. You can buy shampoo & a toothbrush if you forget them, however camera chargers, computer cords and medications are time consuming and expensive to replace if you can. Healthy nutritious snacks will go a long way to powering your convention experience. Almonds, bananas and granola bars are my favorite – remember you may be in line for hours having food & water with you can be the difference between a great convention and a really bad time.

Cosplayers: Make a list of each item you need for each costume. Do the same thing as with everything else & check it off as you go. Also, have a repair/replace/screw it plan for broken heels, fallen hems, blisters & the like. Something WILL go wrong, accept that. I suggest keeping at least one of the following on hand: band-aids, safety pins, sewing kit, fashion tape, Ibuprofen  Having a plan makes it so much easier to take these small scale disasters in stride. Also remember your make up… all that stuff is likely way too expensive to replace & difficult to track down, so double check it.

Double check your accommodations: Check-In policies vary by hotel, so if you were unable to make a preference on bed type, room size etc make sure you know ahead of time if you’ll need to bring an air mattress for someone. It never hurts to call and ask if you need more information.

Drive time: You likely don’t want to drive through Los Angeles traffic at 5:00pm. Actually you really don’t want to be on I-5 or Highway 101 anywhere near 2:00pm – 6:00pm… just trust me & go earlier or later. Traffic backs up semi-predictably also around this time by what I like to call “the big boobs” aka the San Onofre Nuclear plant domes. So keeping that in mind, run a few google maps estimations & try to avoid rush hour if you can.

Check in: Remember you can pick up your badge over in Hotel Circle on Wednesday evening it will save you time on Thursday morning and you’ll have the possible benefit of an extra few hours of sleep.

Information is Power: Review the material provided by SDCC via Toucan Blog and the Official SDCC pages. Also, please note this list of convention policies.

Get organized: Keep your convention bag clean & your camera, phone, charger, snacks & schedule easy to find & you’ll be happier for it.

Enjoy your last day of calm before the storm & I will see you all tomorrow in San Diego! Get ready & have fun!



Megan Fox
Megan Rose Fox is an entertainer from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys tabletop, pen & paper and video games. When she's not covering conventions with the Ace of Geeks she enjoys running, yoga, tabletop games, video games, post-apocalyptic fiction, costuming, storytelling, improv, sketch comedy, and cooking like a health conscious mad scientist.

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