SDCC Exhibit Hall Offerings: X-Men and Conan

If you’re looking for something fun to do early on the convention floor, Fox has brought a mini escape room to the exhibition hall of this year’s comic-con. Without giving too much away, “The X-Men: The Tomb of the Apocalypse” is an Egyptian themed game. If you’ve never done an escape room – it is a hands on puzzle game with essential codes to break, symbols to interpret requiring cooperation among your “team” to trigger the trigger trap doors.

The players are taken into the room in groups of 9-12 and given a hero name and a task. I was Professor X, so just like in the movie I had to use my thinky-thinky skills and decipher a code. This was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the folks working the booth. It’s not the most intricate escape room in the world, but stop by early in the morning and grab an appointment time for later in the day and I think you’ll have a good time. Worst case, you’ll get a cool Apocalypse themed shirt.

“The X-Men: The Tomb of the Apocalypse” is located at booth #352

Next up…

This is at the TBS Booth – and heads up there will be a long line for this one. I’ll get into why in a second  Stand in line on the Conan side and you’ll be directed to a stand where you will put on a giant Conan O’Brian Funko VR Headset. The helmet is heavy and I was instructed to hold it up with two hands. The VR resolution was blurry and light on personal interaction. The player can choose between touring Conan’s office or the studio set and then at each you’ll interact with all of the four funko pops and watch them do a little animation. There was sound coming from somewhere, but I really couldn’t hear anything with the giant bobble-head.

In addition, there is a periscope that moves the big Conan head at the top of the booth to look around. It also shows you a live feed of what is going on at Spreckles Auditorium – where Conan will be hosting the show from for the next week. There was nothing going on when I looked, but this is bound to be very cool for anyone lucky enough to hit the booth at the exact moment they are taping the show.

Stop by this booth early or be prepare to wait in line… At the end of these experiences you may spin a wheel to win a Funko Pop or a pin.

TBS – Conan360 is located at booth #3629

Megan signing off!

Megan Fox
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