SDCC: Beyond Ballroom 20 and Hall H – Part I 

You don’t have to wait in line all day & night to see some great Comic-Con panels. 
There is a misconception among first time atendeeds and non-convention folk that comic-con is an endless parade of lines. If you’re anything like me, these lines are fun once a convention but not all day every day. If camping on the sidewalk and granola bar dinners don’t sound like your cup of tea, here are my suggestions for the best panels in the smaller rooms and the Indigo Ballroom.

  • Amazon: Hand of God – 6A, 10-11am. Ron Pearlman will be there promoting his new show.
  • The Super Story Behind the Pixar Short Sanjay’s Super Team – Indigo Ballroom, 11am-12pm. Behind the scenes of a new Pixar short. If you love animation you’re likely to enjoy this one.
  • Taming the Web: The Nuts and Bolts of Web Series Creation – 24ABC, 11:30am – 12:30pm. I got a lot of good information from this panel last year. If you’re thinking of starting a web series and don’t know where to begin, start with this panel.
  • Geek and Sundry with Felecia Day – Indigo Ballroom, 1pm-2pm. This will be a busy panel but at least you won’t have to wait overnight. I’ve seen Miss Day several times and her panels never disappoint. Go for the Q&A.
  • Comedy Central’s Moonbeam City – Indigo Ballroom, 4pm – 5pm. Rob Lowe will be in the flesh & talking about this “retro-futuristic  ’80s cop extravaganza”.  If the combination of these words intrigue you, go check it out.
  • The Nerd in the Classroom: Sci-fi as an Educational Tool – San Diego Central Library, 4pm – 5pm If you’re a teacher and a nerd this is for you.
  • NASA: Journey to Mars – 6BCF, 6pm – 7pm. NASA big wigs and the producer from upcoming movie Martian talk space.
  • So, the Internet Ruined My Life – 26AB, 6:30pm – 7:30pm. The dangers of social media hype & how followers can be part of the solution.
  • Tattooine Law: Legal Lessons from Star Wars – 26AB, 7:30pm – 8:30pm. This panel intrigues me because I have absolutely no idea what they will say.
  • Character Creation – 30CDE, 8pm – 9pm. Claire Hummel, the artist of Bioshock Infinite fame will be there, enough said.


  • Geek Wars: The Nerds Awaken – 10am – 11am, 14A. Friend of the blog Iva Doom Kitty and other needs of note square off in a trivial competition spanning topics such as online objectification and bullying to casting decisions.
  • Science Fiction and Sex – 11:30am – 12:30pm, 24ABC. Science fiction, the female protagonist and gender rolls as discussed by authors of genre.
  • Technology as a Costume Tool – 1pm – 2pm, 23ABC. Prolific costume designers from Hunger Games, Batman v Superman and the head of costumes and archives at Marvel on working with concept artists to create science  fiction costumes for film & TV.
  • [adult swim]: Rick and Morty – Indigo Ballroom, 1:15 – 2:00pm. The creator, Dan Harmon will be there and I can’t wait to see this panel. There are several adult swim panels directly after this one, but if you can make only one this isn’t a bad choice. Personally I will be staying in the Indigo ballroom for the rest of the day after this panel for Bob’s Burgers, Archer, and Robot Chicken.
  • Over 30 Cosplay: Cosplay for Every Age – 8pm – 9pm, 14A. Costume choice, marketing to the older cosplayer, couples cosplay, bullying and social media.
  • The Aquabats Super Show! What Happens Next?! – 8pm – 9pm, 29AB. I saw the Aquabats panel two years ago… Bat Commander got rowdy & jumped off a panel table! These guys are awesome and entertaining even without their instruments.

Additional Guidence:

  1. If you have a geeky interest, hobby, profession or collection don’t neglect your passions in favor of uncertainty. Sure, it’s cool to be there for the big anouncements but within seconds the rest of the Internet (and you) will know what was shared in that room.
  2. Remember to check what comes before and after the panel you want to see in any given room no matter how big or small. This information can help you guess how many people may be camping out in your room for he next panel or if folks will be leaving in droves. For example if the line up is Walking Dead / Game of Thrones / Star Wars there will be a lot of people staying in that room. Conversely if the line up is more niche or switches genres frequently you may have a chance. 
  3. Keep a look out for panels that may split fans between two rooms such as Sherlock and Doctor Who. You won’t get to see both, so pick your favorite and be thankful there may be fewer people in line ahead of you because of it.
  4. Don’t sweat it if you don’t get what you want. The world will continue to turn, stay positive and look for he next fun opportunity. What can you do now that you have free time to explore? Relish the freedom and get out and about.
  5. Get outside, enjoy some off site events and as Steph once said remember the rill of “3, 2, 1… Three hours of sleep, two meals, and one shower a day” – at least!
Megan Fox
Megan Rose Fox is an entertainer from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys tabletop, pen & paper and video games. When she's not covering conventions with the Ace of Geeks she enjoys running, yoga, tabletop games, video games, post-apocalyptic fiction, costuming, storytelling, improv, sketch comedy, and cooking like a health conscious mad scientist.

You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @TheRoseFox

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