RP_OK 8B: Gotta Reinflate My Pumps

Before Episodes 8 and 8A, Ben, Chris, and Brian discuss Ben’s Zip disk coasters, quotable films, why Brian once stopped an entire Dagorhir attacking line in mid-charge, and desperately try to record the podcast intro.

Ben Lee
With a wide variety of interests ranging from baseball to theater and dance to technology to writing, Ben has given up on being good at any one thing and settled for being not half bad at a handful of things instead. He can usually be found cleaning up paperwork after a motley but wonderful crew of retail technicians; failing that, you can generally find him on the RP_OK Podcast at the Ace of Geeks, or on the San Francisco Giants-centric TortureCast. His Steam shame list is quickly growing legendary, and it's quite rare he's playing or watching anything made in the last five years.

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