Ron Howard confirmed to direct Han Solo movie

According to Deadline, Lucasfilm has confirmed that Ron Howard will be directing the Han Solo stand-alone movie. He replaces Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The project had already been in productionfor over 4 months when the pair were abruptly let go, with “creative differences” being cited as the reason. It’s been circulated that they wanted to take the film in a different direction, and there were issues between them and Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy, and Lawrence Kasdan – the man who wrote the thing. The man who knows Han Solo more intimately than… well, a few people.

Ron Howard surely is talented, and seems to have a good grasp on how things are done in the Lucasverse and Kasdanwerks. But will it grab the opening weekend box office numbers that the studio hopes for? While his films have been generally well-recieved, some of the more recent ones were box-office creepers, making their money over the entire theatrical run of the production rather than blowing the roof off the box office on opening weekend. Some were considered financial flops. But I don’t think it’s a bad choice to have Ron Howard onboard. This is the Star Wars universe, and it should be done in that context – not with literal toy building bricks.

Was it really a good idea to put the guys who did The Lego… Movie(s) and 21 Jump Street in the driver’s seat for a Star Wars film? Those movies were pretty successful. But they were pretty straightforward comedies, and I can only imagine what that would have meant for the Han Solo movie. The Lego Millenium Falcon will not be appearing in theaters near you any time soon.


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