Rogue One Trailer 2 – Full of Goodies

Everyone is waking up to the release of the new Rogue One trailer, and it reveals a lot in such a small amount of time. I’ll go chronologically to break it down as best I can, but there are SOOO MANY references.

The Break Down:

We open the trailer with Mads Mikkelsens character Galen Erso standing very Skywalkeresque on a ledge overlooking a field. During the next twenty seconds of the trailer we see how important the relationship between Jyn, played by Felicity Jones, and her father Galen is. We then see the Empire’s Dark Troopers coming to collect him for a secret project (shhh it’s the Death Star).

:30-:40 We see hints of the Empire’s use of force, a Star Destroyer engaging a city’s insurgency.

:40 The ruins of a statue looking very much like a Jedi in traditional Jedi garb holding a Lightsaber are seen as our heroine presumably flies over them.

:45-:50 We see what may be the Rebel base on Yavin 4. This could be attributed to the temples in the background that look very familiar to those in Star Wars: A New Hope.

:50-1:07 We learn the Galens’ involvement in the secret project is critical to its success and that Jyn needs to locate him.

1:08-1:15 We are introduced to some of our protagonists and shown that the Rogue One call sign made up on the fly. This is also where the trailer then begins to build up the worry factor for the Rebels. A gathering with Mon Mothma and the Rebels is observed where they all recognize and discuss the threat.

There is a small inserted scene that refers back to the Empire cracking down on the Rebel insurgents.

1:30 Forrest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera and how very augmented his body is.

1:35-1:4o “Rebellions are built on Hope!”

1:54 There is a pretty badass gun that looks like a bowcaster.

1:56-2:00 Jyn inspires her comrades. Our pilot droid looks pretty cool.

2:03-2:05 We see a temple being blown up and more of Darth Vader. I got hints of Cloud City from Darth Vaders entrance here.

2:05-2:10 “Save the Rebellion, Save the Dream.” Are we seeing some hints of characters that will be sacrificed for the greater good?

This is a rough breakdown but I think it gets the main points across. This is very reminiscent of the hopelessness in Lord of the Rings in that everything seems to come down to the success of just one mission, and a nearly impossible one at that. I got goosebumps watching it and I’m convinced that this movie will do our beloved universe justice and be a great addition to the canon. I did not see one thing that made me worry and think that Gareth Edwards seems to be handling the material very very well.

Scott Woodbury
Scott was introduced to all things nerdy at an early age when he was more or less thrown into the deep end by his older brother who insisted on holding weekly Monty Python/Boardgame/RPG fests. Weekends were filled with pizza, Magic games, and lots of D&D 2nd Ed. He adapted quickly to his "unfortunate" situation and even learned to flourish under these conditions, quickly becoming an avid fan and expert on Star Wars, Stargate, and the likely THAC0 needed to connect his +3 rapier of staggering awesomeness with a Pit Lord's pet chihuahua (it was an odd game...). Scott still lives on the East Coast where he recently redecorated his study by removing 20 linear feet of Star Wars books. He spends his free time maintaining an online gaming community group and writing LARPs for DunDraCon. He hopes to one day rid the world of the Alien Menace with his crack XCOM squad assembled from family members and close friends.

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  1. Why haven’t we seen any Bothans? Aren’t a lot of them supposed to die in order to get this data? Have they changed what Bothans are?

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