Reebok Sells Ripley’s Aliens Shoes in Men’s Sizes Only

In today’s “Hahaaaa whaaaaat?” news, Reebok released their newest throwback show, the “alien stomper” sneakers worn by Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, in Men’s sizes 9-13. This is absolutely nuts. Now, these sneakers were only intended for the hardcore sneaker collector market, and only 36 (!) pairs were made to be sold in the US, but holy god damn, it’s a replica of a shoe worn by a woman. Why wouldn’t you take 18 of those shoes and make them in sizes that a woman could actually wear? You know who couldn’t wear the shoes that were released today? Sigourney friggin’ Weaver.

I understand that the sneaker collector market is largely made up of dudes, demographically. But I saw so many women on Twitter and Facebook today who were incredibly excited about this product, and then incredibly disappointed that they wouldn’t have been able to wear them.

Of course, the eBay market has already gone into overdrive, with 1/3 of the available product being sold online for over $3000 a piece. Just remember, they’re not gonna work with your Ripley cosplay unless you’re a guy.

Mike Fatum
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