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Man Builds Real Life, Steel Iron Man Armor

Barry Amsted of Australia describes himself on his twitter (@BarryArmstead) as a, “photographer, Astrographer and outdoorsman. Ex – Army”. This is a lie. He’s really Tony Stark. I’m not kidding. Go look at his twitter profile, He even looks like it. Here I’ll show you.


Image 4 Barry

The resemblance is uncanny! Of course, it helps that he’s standing next to part of his steel iron-man suit that he happened to build himself. Nothing to see here, move along.

This thing is seriously cool. He’s posted a stream of his prototypes on imugr . It’s a bit confusing but that’s because he’s been working at this thing over and over again. Just like Tony Stark. Okay I’ll stop. But it’s still Bas Ass (capitols intended, that’s how bad ass it is). The main photo to this article is not a movie still. It is his latest arc reactor!

But he has already created so much more.

The helmet, which bloody-well works, see:

Image 3

Oh and this amazing ensemble:

Image 6

You can see how the prototype process works on his stream. Just make sure you head to the last image first – the gallery is in reverse order. He’s got most of it together:

Image 7 Last

He started somewhere a lot earlier than here.

Image 5

But is going somewhere more like here:

Image Two

Yep, all the way to the ultimate cosplay of Iron Man I have ever seen. You can find the full album right here, and you really should check it out. His work is amazing.

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