“Ready Player One”: Tye Sheridan Is Wade Watts

Do you like the pop culture of the 1980’s?  The music, films, video games?  If so, chances are you’ve heard about (if not read and become CRAZILY OBSESSED with) “Ready Player One”, the highly entertaining coming of age story by Ernie Cline (Fanboys, “Armada”).


Deadline is reporting that Tye Sheridan, who we’ll see later this year in the role of young Scott Summers /Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse, has been cast in the leading part. We’ve been waiting and waiting to find out who would be cast in the movie version of the story, taking on the dual roles of Wade Watts and Parzival, our gunter RP1 hero.

The only other casting we know for sure thus far is Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel) as Samantha Cook/Art3mis and Ben Mendelsohn (Girls) as evil IoI overlord Nolan Sorrento.  The film, which is currently being developed by Roadshow Pictures with Warner Brothers, will be directed by Steven Spielberg from a screenplay by Cline and Zak Penn.

Ready Player One is expected to hit theaters sometime in March of 2018.

Mary Anne Butler
Mary Anne Butler (Mab) is a writer/photographer from San Francisco, California. She is a lifelong geek (comics, movies, games), huge music nerd, occasionally cosplays at conventions, does Renaissance Faires, and in general lives the life of a True Believer. She may be short, but she makes up for it with a loud voice. #TinyButMighty

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