‘Ready Player One’ Backs Away from Star Wars With Its Hands Up

Just like Avatar before it, Ready Player One has looked into the eyes of the Star Wars behemoth…and blinked. Warner Bros is moving the release of the Steven Spielberg helmed adaptation of the Ernie Cline novel from it’s original December 15, 2017 date to March 30th, 2018. The studio is hoping an Easter release will bring in more audiences who aren’t just going to go see Star Wars fourteen more times.

More time to work on a film is never a bad thing, and while I’ll miss the chance to see Star Wars and Ready Player One in theaters on the same day, I’m glad this film is going to be given time to breathe on its own without the inevitable comparisons. We’re still waiting to see how many of the references jam packed into the original book will make it through the rights process and onto the big screen. If Warner Bros can make it work, we’ll have the geek Who Framed Roger Rabbit on our hands.

Hey, while you’re here, check out this talk Ernie gave last year, it covers a lot of information on Ready Player One, as well as his second book, Armada.

Mike Fatum
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